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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: Silver Moon by T.L. Mitchell

Silver Moon
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Silver Moon is a short story about a woman named Jennifer. After working late one night, she wants nothing more than a night of soaking in the tub. But the night has other plans for her. On her way home, she passes by a broken down truck and decides to help an old man walking along the road towards the gas station. While driving to the station, the man tells her about reports of animal attacks that have recently been reported along the road they are traveling. After discovering what the man believes is behind the attacks, she gets a closer look than she believed possible.


Silver Moon is full of suspense, action and a small pinch of love interest. Although the story could be considered urban fantasy, it also had a horror feel to it. I really enjoyed this short story but would have liked for it to be longer even though it was not necessary. I guess I just did not want the story to end. Overall, it was a nice quick read with a neat ending.

Recommend to fans of Urban Fantasy and Horror

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