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Welcome to my blog fellow book lovers :)

Hi, I'm Julie. To most people who know me, this is probably how I look most of the time. A few years ago I picked up my addiction, oh I mean hobby, of reading again. When I'm immersed in a good book, I'm pretty much dead to the world. After reading most of the well known authors I knew of, I needed a new direction to turn for finding new books. After searching the web trying to find other books similar to the Sookie Stackhouse Series, I stumbled upon some websites that have helped to broaden my horizons and have met some really nice fellow readers along the way. I noticed several people had their own book blogs so finally I decided I would give it a shot and here I am.

This blog is a diary of books I've read, reviews, recommendations, upcoming books and covers, kindle freebies and basically anything book related. I thought since I'm still less experienced than other readers, that I might be able to help other readers find new books to read as I find them. 

This blog is for to all book lovers. If you love books, love to talk about books or would love to be in one of your books, then I look forward to talking books with you!

If you wish to contact me, my email is:


  1. Hi Julie,

    I saw a post from you on book blogs and came to have a look at your site. Am now following. I love the photo and can completely relate to it.

    Paulette Mahurin

    1. Thanks Paulette! It's always nice to meet another book addict ;)


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