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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

The story revolves around a seventeen year old named Luce.  While she was alone with a boy she liked, something happened resulting in him burning to death.  With no real memory of the event, except for bits and pieces, the authorities believe she is to blame.  Luce is then sent to a reform school called Sword & Cross.  Taking one look at the place, she quickly realizes that her experience is going to be hell.

One of the other students, Arriane, swoops in and quickly takes her under her wing.  There are two guys that make an impression on her first day.  Cam seems to mesmerize her with his intense green eyes and welcoming smile while Daniel smiles then flips her the bird.  But there was something about Daniel that was staggering besides his odd behavior.  Luce begins increasingly to feel she knows him from somewhere.  But where?  She’s convinced she would remember meeting a beautiful guy like that but can’t free herself of obsessing over him.  She has dreams about him that feel real but continues telling herself they can’t be.

Luce meets another student named Penn who becomes her good friend.  Penn has ways of getting information about their fellow students so the two of them begin digging into Daniel’s file.  After finding no relevant information, they continue to dig until ultimately they unmask they very thing she already knew but didn’t want to believe.  Daniel gave her an explanation for his behavior.  As well as the reason why she is so drawn to him and feels she recognizes him.  But it is not until Penn finds the proof she needs, that she truly accepts the truth that’s been haunting her.

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Fallen was essentially a mystery novel with supernatural aspects.  Although I enjoyed the story, I felt the ending was lacking.  In most mysteries, the unveiling is what determines the books worth. I know the same can be said for climaxes of all stories.  But I find it essential for ones such as Fallen because so much of the story was discovering what was happening.  However, the book is part of a series so I assume the answers the audience desperately needs will continue to be revealed in the next one. 

The mystery would have been better for me if I hadn’t read a description of the book that pretty much revealed the supernatural element and seen the shelves some of the other users categorized the book under. 

I know that the main character can’t rely on some of the things she sees and is afraid that she is crazy.  But at one point in the book, she sees the reality of Daniel and there is enough evidence for her to conclude the obvious.  So, closer to the end when she finally tells him she knows who he is, it is kind of anticlimactic.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and trying to work the puzzle out.  But the next one is going to be the one that determines if I’m going to like the series or not.  As well as showing if the author is planning to continue to drag the story out or pick up the pace and explain enough to keep us captivated.