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Review Policy

Status: I am currently not accepting any new review requests until late January

I accept review copies in the following formats:
- Print
- Kindle

I accept books in the following genres:
- Paranormal Romance
- Urban Fantasy
- Dystopian
- Horror
- Science Fiction
- Mystery
- Suspense
- Thriller
- Fantasy
- Young Adult

Reviews will include:
Book synopsis, publication information, picture of cover, Goodreads link, purchase links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble if available and review.

Can include:
If you have any special specifications feel free to let me know.
- Author bio
- Other books written by author, upcoming release or series information
- Author Website/Blog
- Author Social Media follow links
- Additional buy links

Reviews will be posted/shared via:
- Blog
- Goodreads
- Amazon
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google Plus

Please allow at least 30 days from time of review request before review will be posted.  If you are requesting a review for a book that has yet to be released, the review will be posted no earlier than the week of release or on release date.

Please note that even if I accept your book for review, I am not obligated to review it. In the case that for some reason I am unable to review your book, I will pass it along to another blogger, offer a giveaway or donate it.

In the case that my opinion rates your book in the lower range, I can send you a email ahead of time to let you know and decide whether you want the review posted on my blog. I will, however, still post my review to Goodreads.

If I am unable to accept your review request, I am still available for promotional posts including:
- Book Promos
- Cover Reveals
- Guest Posts
- Interviews
- Excerpts
- Giveaways

If you wish to request a review, you can contact me at:


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