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Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Bitter Demons by Sarra Cannon

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After sacrificing her own safety to save Jackson, Harper is being put on lockdown by the Order of Shadows. They continue to find ways to try to bind her to them and dodge answers to the questions she desperately needs. When another future Prima comes to town, Harper and she become friends.  While sharing information and magic with each other, they get the idea to glamour into each other at a party. What starts out as an interesting experience turns into a nightmare when the future Prima, disguised as Harper, is kidnapped. Now Harper must figure out who was trying to kidnap her and what they’ll do to the future Prima when they discover she was not the intended victim.


In this third installment of the Peachville High Demon series, Bitter Demons, the readers finally get some of the back story they have been waiting for.  If you have been waiting to find out more about Jackson’s past or what happened to Harper’s mother, than you must read this book.
After finding out Jackson’s position with the town, you begin to see the complexity of the situation that Harper and Jackson are in.  Harper is a very believable character that I enjoy watching grow with each book.  With the increasing stress of her new life, I sympathize with her character and look forward to seeing what situation she will end up in next.  Her reactions seem very real to me.  Jackson, the main love interest, is an interesting character that I never seem to see enough of.  Although he was in this book more and part of his past was revealed, I am still left wanting to know more about him.  The same goes for Harper’s mother. I hope the author includes more of her history in the next book.  This story also introduced a few new characters which led Harper to begin to learn to use real magic.
One of the things I love the most about this series is the world the author has created.  It is a world full of magic which Harper briefly begins to learn in this book.  The ways magic can be used in these stories seems to be almost limitless which is very interesting.  I cannot wait to see how far the author will go with the magic in her books.  There are just so many directions this story can go. I will definitely be moving on the next book in the series, Shadow Demons.

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