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Friday, November 30, 2012

Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway - Volcanoes by Nicole Hamlett

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Title: Volcanoes
Series: Grace Murphy #3
Author: Nicole Hamlett
Date Published: August 6, 2012

“I needed something big. I'd found a dormant volcano in my earlier exploration. Yeah – that would be big and in typical Grace Murphy fashion, I didn't think this one through, I just blew it.”

Be careful what you ask of Fate - sometimes she gives it to you. When we last saw our heroine, she'd watched her faithful pet rip off her new best friend's head to save her son's life and Atlantis was rising from the depths. Now, Grace Murphy is back in the third installment of the Huntress series, but this time she's facing an all-out war. It's critical that Nyx (and Atlantis) stay buried, but her psychotic brats will do most anything to get her back.

You didn't think that was all, did you? Of course there's more! With Hypnos invading her dreams, Dylan caught up in the throes of his "change" and juggling her relationships with two hunky Gods, Drew and Heph, to say Grace's hands are full would be an understatement.

Grace wished her life would just go back to the way it was before, and that she wouldn't have her powers or responsibilities anymore. Unfortunately, it looks like Fate answered this time. The results aren't pretty.

Write What You Know:

After publishing my first book, I had an old friend tell me that they felt like they knew me better.  I gasped, gurgled and felt like I was going to pass out.


I was not / am not Grace Murphy!  At least that's what I told myself and everyone else.  She's a whiney brat with little to no self-control and a stubborn streak a mile wide.  But she's also a loving mother and a determined fighter for what is right. She's flawed and… oh so very human.
I think that what makes Grace so relatable is that she's real. Well, as real as she can be with superhuman powers in a fictional setting. 

When I began writing her, I would ask myself – "Nicole, what would you do here?" Sometimes I would write that into the book and sometimes I would do the exact opposite.   There is a scene in Huntress where Grace is writing and she's absentmindedly twisted pencils into her hair while she sits and thinks about a scene.  I cannot tell you how many pencils have ended up stuck to my head like porcupine needles just waiting for me to find them.

There are also conversations that my son and I have had almost verbatim. He and I had a conversation about girls.  It ended up in a book. It was too good not to write. I can tell you though, that as soon as he's old enough to actually read my books I am going to catch so much Hell.
Once I'd gotten past this inconceivable horror (People may actually see into me? Good God no!) I began to realize that these personal touches have put an extra level of patina onto the story. She's weathered and sometimes spunky. 

Write what you know – even if it's a map of your city or creating your characters based on aspects of friends, they bring more realism into your work. They make your characters and plots a little more relatable. 
As a flawed human being, I want to see my heroes struggle a little so that I can feel as though one day I too may be able to overcome any obstacle.

With that said, it's not easy to expose yourself.  I still huddle under my desk and rock back and forth before I push the button. The thought of even revealing the tiniest bit of my weaknesses to thousands of readers induces a level of panic in me that I can't begin to explain. 

But on the other hand, those readers will see your strengths as well.  You're a creative being who happens to have entire worlds floating about in your brain.  Once you inject pieces of yourself into those characters and places, you get to bring those worlds to life!

How amazing! 

Volcanoes Excerpt by Nicole Hamlett:

The smell of an abandoned house hits you in phases. First, you get the dried musty smell of dust and mildew spores. Then any lingering scents from left-over dinner or the last occupants hits the senses. I scrunched up my face, trying not to exclaim that Dylan and Drew hadn’t lived up to their promise of cleaning up after themselves on their last Xbox foray. This wasn’t the time.
The last scent hit me by surprise as I traveled to the kitchen to see what they’d left out. It had a metallic tang with undertones of rotting meat. I was transported immediately to the night I’d walked into my house to find my carpet had been soaked through with the blood of Geb’s monsters.
It occurred to me with sudden panic that we didn’t have Scooter with us. I would feel much safer with him here to guard my son. I’d ask Heph to make that happen as soon as I figured out what the smell was.
My feet slowed of their own volition. They knew that even though I was stubbornly still moving forward, my mind wouldn’t want to know what the smell was. My subconscious was terrified of what I would see and it was trying to protect what had become my very fragile mind.
Really, what else was I expected to take? What else did I have to go through before I broke?  Hadn’t the last nine months of my life been enough? It was like I’d been pregnant and the baby I’d carried was an intact sense of sanity. 
Congratulations, Ms. Murphy, it’s a bouncing baby –
The words cut off in my head as I spied what was causing the smell.

Author Bio:

"Nicole Hamlett is a single mother from Colorado Springs, living in Los Angeles, California. When she’s not writing books she enjoys reading, cooking and video games and can often be caught enjoying indie alternative music."

Website Facebook | Purchase Links


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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cover Reveal: Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman

Title: Shadow of Time
Author: Jen Minkman
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Expected Release: January 1, 2013
Cover Design: Jen Minkman
Cover reveal organized by: AToMR Tours
Link to find the book

All Hannah needs is a nice and quiet vacation after her first year of teaching French at a high school. She joins her brother Ben for the summer in their mom’s log cabin in Arizona. There, she meets Josh again, Ben’s childhood friend from the Navajo reservation. The little boy from the rez has grown up fast, and Hannah can’t help but feeling more for him than just friendship.

But fate apparently has something else in store for her. And it’s not peace and quiet. Night after night, Hannah is plagued by strange nightmares about the past of Navajo Nation and terrifying shadows chasing her. They seem to come closer – and why is Josh always present in her dreams?

Sometimes, the past has a way of catching up with you.

Author Bio:
Jen Minkman (1978) was born in Holland, in the town of Alphen aan den Rijn. When she was 19, she moved between The Hague, Salzburg (Austria), Brussels (Belgium) and Cambridge (UK) to complete her studies in intercultural communication. She is currently a teacher of English, career counsellor and teenage coach at a secondary school in Voorburg, Holland. She tries to read at least 100 books a year (and write a few, too!). She is a published author in her own country, and translates her own books from Dutch into English for self-publication.

In her spare time, she plays the piano, the guitar and the violin. For every novel she writes, she creates a soundtrack.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Virtual Character Tour + Giveaway: Dark Seraphine
by Kasonndra Leigh

Hi, I am happy to be part of the Character Tour for Dark Seraphine by Kasonndra Leigh. I will be sharing a book trailer, excerpt, character interview and giveaway. So check it out and I hope you enjoy! 

YA Paranormal Romance
Title: Dark Seraphine
Author: Kasonndra Leigh
Date Published: October 21, 2012
Currently on sale for $.99

"Mom always says the angels walk among us. She forgot to tell me that sometimes they're not all fluffy and nice."

Seventeen-year-old Caleb Wood has seen people he calls the walkers since he was a baby. It didn't take long for him to realize something…no one can see these strangers but him. They never stuck around or tried to touch him. And they never said a word. That was until one day on the first day of class in his senior year when an incredibly gorgeous girl strolls into his life…and things are never the same again.

Soon Caleb realizes he has stepped into the middle of a growing conflict between two ancient groups. And his ability to see the invisible ones, the half-breeds that want to modify the human race, just might be the only hope both he and the mysterious, but infuriating Gia have of making it out alive.

Book Trailer:

Dark Seraphine Excerpt by KaSonndra Leigh:

There was no one in the classroom besides the two of us. To admit this girl made me feel a little shaky sounded weak. I put on a manly face, squared my shoulders, and sat in the desk behind her. The little kid in me still wanted to run away like a baby, though.
And then she laughed.
It was a high-pitched giggle, a normal girl’s sound. That wasn’t right. I don’t remember any of the other spirits laughing before.
“So you wanna run from me, huh? Go ahead. I’ll just find you like I always do, Caleb,” she said, still facing the chalk board in the front of the classroom. Her voice was smooth like a musical instrument, maybe a flute. Nah. It was more like a harp. I could listen to it all day.
But even her sexy pipes didn’t change the fact that she just read my mind. How did she do that?
“Are you going to run, or stay? I need a quick answer, because I have a lot to do today.” She turned her head to the side a bit.
“I don’t run from anything,” I said, trying to ignore the prickle in my underarms. Good thing I used my dad’s deodorant this morning. That old-timers stuff was strong enough to knock out anything.
She didn’t scare me as much as some of the other walkers, my nickname for them. But I wasn’t ready to get her digits either. As a baby, I remembered talking to a few of them. That ability disappeared sometime around my thirteenth birthday. This was the first time I spoke to one in four years.
“What are you people: angels, ghosts, or zombies?” I asked, my voice squeaking on the last syllable. What a dork.
“Can’t you be a little more creative?” She turned around in her seat to face me, an amused expression on her ridiculously gorgeous face. I sucked my breath. Her strange amber-hazel eyes pierced through me. The word beautiful didn’t do enough for this walker-girl.
“I thought I was pretty creative,” I said.
“Nope. Your ideas suck,” she said with a smug face.
“Nice. Thanks,” I said, getting annoyed.
“And I don’t sparkle in the sun, either. So scratch that one off your list too.”
I frowned. “Then tell me the right answer. And you can go ahead and explain how I won the honor of being stalked?”
“I’m a creative mix of many things. Feel better now?” She tilted her head. Blue-black hair flowed around her face as if it were made of silky thread. “So others have come before me?” She seemed to be talking to herself rather than asking me.
“Maybe,” I said. Why should I tell her everything? One thing I did know. At this rate, I was probably going to be committed to the loony ward on the first day of school.
“I’m going to need your help soon, Caleb. You have to be ready,” she whispered, her face suddenly serious. Right then, I knew my world was about to change…forever.

Who is the Dark Seraphine? Find out in September, 2012.

Kyle Wilkinson Interview:

What’s your favorite color?
I would say the default color. You know, blue, the one that all guys like to say. But I like purple. Don’t be laughing at me either. There’s nothing wrong with liking purple. It was the color that kings wore back in the day, remember?

What type of vehicle do you drive?
A black Mustang. I have a picture of it if you wanna see it. I just bought a set of sweet black rims to go along with it.

Describe yourself to me.
Tall, dark and handsome of course. **dimple grin**

How would your mate describe you?
Smooth, sexy, and someone who really knows how to make her go…eh-em. Okay. Let me be serious. She’d probably say I was a little annoying, but loyal in the end.

What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?
Aw man. Come on, that’s like a trick question for a dude. Besides, I’m only 16. I don’t think you really wanna hear about what touches my soul. **waggles his eyebrows**

What's the one thing you have always wanted to do but couldn't? What would happen if you did do it?
You’re killing me with these questions. But this is a whole lot better than that soul question. I want to bungie jump. But not just a regular jump, nah. I want to do something crazy like bounce off the Empire State Building. Two guesses on what’ll happen after I do that, right? **umm, yeah**

Describe your ideal mate. 
Gorgeous, long-legged. I got this thing for redheads, but my girlfriend is hardly that. I guess you wanna hear about something deeper than looks, huh? Umm, hm. Well, she needs to be smart. My girl, Shani, is super smart. She’s going to be an English professor and that’s about as smart as it gets, right?

What are you most afraid of?
Mice. Don’t even ask. What guy isn’t?

What's the most important thing in your life?
Aw, come on. Didn’t you see my excellent answer to that ideal mate question?

What do you consider your special talent?
My K-9 treatments. You’re probably saying: “What the freak is that?” Right? It’s advice that I give my closest friends. You know, that embarrassing kinda stuff you wouldn’t tell a flea? That would be what those are.

How did you meet the hero/heroine?
Hey! As far as I’m concerned, I am the hero of this story. But Caleb might feel differently. He did save me from that thing in the water. Man, it was something that looked like a little kid with shark teeth. Freaky!

Was it love at first sight or did it develop slowly?
Again, I’m only 16. So, I’m not sure that I believe in all of that love stuff yet.

What did you like/dislike about him/her when you first met?
I disliked everything about Caleb. He can be a real smart a**. Sorry, didn’t mean to curse. But he’s cool no, though. Besides, he’s too love-struck to act any other way. **dimple grins again**

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?
Three meals a day, a mint collection of surf boards, and another thing that I just won’t even mention on here, okay? :D

Thanks so much for stopping by today Kyle. You seem like a really fun person.
And thanks to you for having me on your blog today. I’ll come back and chat anytime you like. You can check out some pictures of my boards here:

Excerpt Featuring Kyle:

So it’s like this,” Kyle said, “Caleb and I are on a team. You and the mouth over there are on the second one. First dude to reach the reef tags his partner.”
“Deal,” Ethan said, meeting Kyle’s gaze with a knowing look. Right, so that did it. A lot of stuff was happening that I obviously didn’t know about. I intended to find out what that was before I headed out into the ocean again.
“Alright, stop! Hold up. What’s going on here?” I asked Kyle who had a murderous look on his face as he stared at Ethan.
“Whoa! That’s kinda rude, dude. How could you not tell your butt-buddy about what happened between me and your girl?” Ethan teased, a smile spreading across his face. Kyle clenched his fists and his body shivered.
Oh snap! Now, I understood Kyle’s rage. Shani cheated on him with Ethan.
“Please don’t do this, Kyle. It’s too dangerous,” Shani pleaded. “He doesn’t mean anything to me. He never did.” She narrowed her eyes at Ethan. Oh boy. I missed out on everything.
“Sweet. You didn’t seem all distracted this way when you were calling out my name a few months ago,” Ethan cooed.
“Shut up, Ethan,” Shani hissed.
Kyle started toward him. I moved in his way and held him back. “Save it for the waves, man. Let his skills make up for that mouth.”
At this point I knew the choice was no longer mine. For Kyle, this whole deal had turned into a rescue operation, the kind that saved your face after experiencing something humiliating like what Shani just confessed.
For me it was just plain suicide.
Crazy mission or not, I was going to have to ride the waves with my friend. 

Author Bio:

KaSonndra Leigh was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She now lives in the City of Alchemy and Medicine, North Carolina. She likes to write about people doing fantastical things in magical worlds. Her two sons have made her promise to write a boy book next. 

She holds the MFA in creative writing, and loves to play CLUE, Monopoly (the Indiana Jones version), and Pandora's Box (good writer's block therapy). She lives in an L-shaped house with a garden dedicated to her grandmother. It has a secret library complete with fairies, Venetian plastered walls, and a desk made out of clear blue glass.

Website Blog Facebook | Twitter | Street Team Sign-up


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Monday, November 26, 2012

Promo Blitz + Excerpt:
The Doorknob Society Series by M.J. Fletcher

Title: The Doorknob Society
Series: The Doorknob Society #1
Author: M.J. Fletcher
Release Date: February 9, 2012
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Steampunk, Paranormal
Event organized by: RABT
Purchase: Amazon 


Chloe Masters’s world changed in a heartbeat - and all she did was touch a doorknob.

When she was young Chloe’s mother vanished. Wracked by feelings of abandonment and anger she lost herself traveling with her father's magic act, where illusions were part of her everyday life. Yet everything changes when they are pursued by a mysterious man in black out to kill her father. Touching a doorknob activates abilities she never knew she had and she finds herself thrust into a world of ancient societies and secrets.

When her father disappears it is a race against time to find answers before she loses what is left of her family. Now Chloe must choose who to trust, the man who will do anything for her or the one she can’t stop thinking about.

Title: The Impossible Engineers
Series: The Doorknob Society #2
Author: M.J. Fletcher
Release Date: April 27, 2012
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Chloe Masters’s world changes in a heartbeat and all she did was touch a doorknob. James Nightshade has been on Chloe’s mind since the day she met him. Arrogant and frustrating, she thought she had put him behind her when she chose Michael Slade. When the secret she is seeking leads to questions about the death of Nightshade’s former girlfriend, she has no chose but to bring him into the investigation. A move she will come to regret.

Danger awaits them around every corner as they search for answers. In the end a choice will need to be made, but is Chloe strong enough to make it?

Title: The Mapmakers Union
Series: The Doorknob Society #3
Author: M.J. Fletcher
Release Date: September 25, 2012
Purchase: Amazon Barnes & Noble


Chloe Masters has a death wish, at least according to her friends. Still reeling from the loss of one of those closest to her she is living life on the edge. One by one she is pushing everyone away. Leaving her with the very person who betrayed her... Faith.

Her memories still locked away by the Forget Me Not, can Chloe discover the truth before she loses everyone she loves?

Author Bio:

MJ Fletcher is the creator of the comic book series Adam Zero: The Last Man of Earth published by Ronin Studios. He's also been published in Hope: The Hero Initiative and Digital Webbing Presents. The Doorknob Society series is his fist book series and he's thrilled about it. He lives near the beach with his wife, daughter, dog, and a crotchety cat.

The Doorknob Society Excerpts:

Short Excerpt:

I grasped the knob and twisted it. The feeling that ran through me were amazing; the turn of the world beneath my feet, the dance of the planets through the universe and the taste eternity on my lips as it all opened up and poured through me. I pushed the doorway open and the glow of a portal bathed the kitchen in its welcoming light.
“You did it.” Jess seemed impressed and surprised, her eyebrows arching.
 “Noooo!” Gran’s scream startled us both as she came hurtling into the room, crashed into the island and crumbled to the floor. Blood poured from a gash along her hairline. She tried hard to get to her feet but it was no use. She had spent all her energy and finally slumped in defeat to the floor. 
Her head lolled to the side and with a terror-filled glare that sent chills up my spine, she whispered, “Run.”

Long Excerpt:

We stood outside the arched wooden door while Jess texted Nightshade that we were there. The cold night air was starting to take a toll and I wrapped my arms around myself rubbing my sides to keep warm. Slade stepped behind me, placed his hands on the sides of my arms and ran them up and down warming me up until I wanted to melt against him.
The door creaked opened, Nightshade stood framed in the archway. He wore jeans with his ever present skeleton key belt buckle. He was shirtless; his chest was not as thick as Slade’s though well-defined with a natural cut of muscles and with a patch of hair running across it. He lifted his hand sliding it through his messed hair. He glanced lazily around to each of us until he rested on me —or more precisely— Slade’s hands on me and then he shifted his attention to my face and I could have sworn I saw annoyance in his eyes.
“Jess, you didn’t tell me you were bringing Paladin’s cutest couple.” He laughed and stepped aside waving us in.
 Slade’s hands tensed on my arms and I grabbed one squeezing it gently and held on to it.
“Sorry, Jimmy.” Jess smiled and stood next to Nightshade after entering
“No problem, beautiful,” he said. His fingers slid across her cheek and she blushed.
He swung the door closed after Edgar, the last one to enter. We followed him up the stairs to a large open room that contained a couple of couches, a small kitchen tucked off to one side, and a breakfast bar and two stools protruding at the end.
“We need some help, Jimmy,” Jess said as he walked to the fridge, pulled it open and pulled out a can of soda. He turned and flipped it in the air toward Eddie who caught it and smiled.
“Thanks, Nightshade.” Eddie popped the top and drank.
“Anyone else? Lovebirds, I could give you two straws.”
“That’s it, Nightshade, one more comment…” Slade headed for him his hand pulled back in a massive fist.
Nightshade laughed and leaned against the kitchen counter and smirked. “Anytime you want to try Slade you go right ahead.”
 His mocking grin made my blood boil. “This was a mistake.”
“What’s a mistake?” Nightshade asked.
As much as I wanted to leave, I needed Nightshade’s help. I grabbed my phone, clicked the photo of the list of names and slid it across the breakfast bar to him. He picked it up and looked over the list.
“Okay so?”
“The SKG member on the list do you know him?” I stared into his strange colored eyes and waited for an answer, hoping and praying it wouldn’t be some lie to further his own ends.
“I recognize the name.”
“Can you help us find him?” I asked.
“No,” he said not even giving it thought.
“What? Why not?” My frustration leapt but I caught it before it reached my tongue and I spit words at him that I’d regret since I desperately needed his help.
“Jess.” He turned away from me to her. ‘What’s going on? Why are you helping non-guilders?”
“They took… Gran.” As soon as Jess mentioned Gran her control slipped. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she started to tremble.
 I moved to comfort her but Nightshade was there before me. He wrapped her in his arms and pulled her against him. She buried her head in his chest and sobbed. He pressed his cheek against hers whispering something in her ear that I couldn’t make out. He stroked her hair as he did, and I watched in amazement at how caring and loving he could be when I had known only his sardonic side.
Nightshade looked directly at me. “Give us a minute.”  He then took Jess and they walked out of the room and I heard a door close down the hallway.
“What was that all about?” Slade asked.
“She’s upset. It’s been a rough night,” I said as I slid down on the couch beside Edgar.
“I guess,” Slade said as he sat on the opposite couch. “Though I doubt it hurts that Nightshade’s half naked.” He laughed.
“What are you talking about?” I snapped annoyed at what his humor suggested.
“Didn’t you see the way she looked at him? I think Jess was angling for more than some comfort.” Slade winked.
“She’s just upset.” I got even more annoyed when Slade raised his hands in mock defeat. I didn’t like what he was implying. We’d been through a lot and I doubted Jess was thinking about getting James alone. And it’s not like Nightshade would fall for that anyway, his conniving nature would see right through it. 
Time seemed to slow down as we waited. Eddie rested his head back on the couch and was asleep within minutes. Slade was next stretching out on the other couch and drifting off to sleep. I sat alone with my thoughts, growing ever more frustrated that Jess and Nightshade had disappeared on us. I mean seriously, people, we’re running for our lives and she goes off with some guy and why? Because he’s hot with his shirt off?
After an hour I heard the click of a door and approaching footsteps. Nightshade entered still shirtless, his hair messier than before if that was possible. He looked around the room at the others sleeping and waved his hand for me to follow him. I got up quietly trying not to wake Eddie, who snored and rolled over on his side into a ball on the couch.
We left the room and at the end of the hall he touched a skeleton key on the wall and it fell away revealing a spiral staircase. James headed down; I took a deep breath and followed.
The staircase ended in a massive room filled with various makes and models of cars while several images of skeleton keys hung on the walls. In the middle of the room sat an old-fashioned car. It was deep blue and had red flames on the hood. James was standing by a workbench and grabbed a t-shirt off it and slid it on.
“What’s all this?”
“My garage, it’s quiet down here. We can talk and your friends can rest.”
“Talk about what?” I asked leaning up against the old-fashioned car. Nightshade stepped toward me, reached out and took hold of my arm. I looked down at his hand and back at him, and then he pulled me forward. My breath caught and I didn’t move.
“That’s a classic Hudson Hornet, please don’t lean on it.” 
I pushed his hand off me and stepped away. Men and their stupid cars. “Whatever, are you going to help us or not?”
“Jess, told me what’s going on. It seems pretty serious and it’s a damn bold plan, I give you credit for that.” He grinned.
“But?” I knew something was coming, though I didn’t know what.
“I don’t know if I’m willing to stick my neck out for the lot of you.”
“Jess is your friend and so is Edgar?” I reminded, trying the guilt tactic, hoping it might convince him.
“But I can’t stand Slade, and then there’s you.” His half smile taunted me.
“I know you can’t stand me either, I get it.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, it’s pretty obvious.”
“I hadn’t realized. I should work on controlling my emotions better.”
“Sorry, I’m not a shrinking violet like my cousin. I didn’t come here to weep on your naked chest. I came here because I need help and you’re the only one I could turn too. If I couldn’t work up tears for my lost father or injured grandmother, I doubt I can do it for you. Okay, I’m broken, and you can’t stand me. I get it, alright!” I took a deep breath angry at myself for letting him get under my skin again.
 He stared at me with those damn intense eyes. He didn’t say anything just stared, making me feel uncomfortable and stupid. Why do I always seem not to be able to shut up around him?
“Quit staring at me and say something.”
“I’ll help you on one condition.” He didn’t smile or smirk and he didn’t stop staring. It was as though he stared straight inside me and that made me more nervous than if he had worn one of his evil grins.
“Which is?”
“You and I have to go see him alone.”
“He isn’t going to talk to a bunch of people from the different societies. He knows me and he doesn’t really like anyone other than Guilders. It will be safer that way.”
“Jess is a Guilder?” I questioned unsure of going alone with him.
“You and I that’s the deal take it or leave it.”
What choice did I have and so I wouldn’t debate my decision I quickly said. “Fine we go alone.”
He nodded. “You’d better get some sleep. We’ll head there tomorrow.”
I didn’t bother to ask him where, he wouldn’t tell me anyway.  I followed him up the stairs and part way down the hallway he stopped, opened a door, entered and waved me in.
“I’ll stay with the guys,” I stammered, though I entered the room.
“I don’t think so, they each have a couch. Take the bed; you’ll have it all to yourself.”
“Oh,” Did I really think he’d been inviting me to sleep with him? “Okay thanks.”
“I’ll be in by Jess.”
He turned and left through another door closing it behind him. I was glad he didn’t look back and see me flush red at his comment. I wanted to slam the door that opened onto the hall shut but didn’t want to wake the guys so I shut it quietly and turned into the room. I threw myself on the bed and took my frustration out on the pillows punching them several times. So what if James Nightshade and my cousin spent the night together… let them.  They deserved each other, they only thought about themselves anyway.
 I pulled my hoodie off and slid it into my bag .My hand connected with a small metal object. I took the locket out and turned it over in my hand. When this was all over I was going to need to figure out what it was that I deserved.

So, what do you think? Does the series sound interesting to you?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #2

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews that allows us to share what books we have recently added to our shelves.

It's been a while since my last post so 
these are books I've collected over the last month or so.


*Thanks Derrolyn

*Thanks Harper Collins, J. Scott Savage, Stuart MacBride


*Thanks Talk Supe, Addicted 2 Heroines, G.T. Almasi, Tina Connolly, Ania Ahlborn

Reaping My Softly by Kate Evangelista (e-Copy)
*Thanks The Autumn Review, Kate Evangelista

*Thanks Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, Emily Guido

$5 Amazon Gift Card and Frey Saga Swag
*Thanks Known to Read, Melissa Wright

Bought on Kindle:

Blogs Mentioned:

Talk Supe
Addicted 2 Heroines
The Autumn Review
Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance
Known to Read

Thanks again book buddies!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kindle Freebies #8

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some kindle freebies to enjoy over the weekend!