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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon

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Beautiful Demons
by Sarra Cannon
Kindle Book,  136 pages
Published October 29th 2010 by Dead River Books
Series #1

Goodreads Synopsis:

Harper Madison isn't like other girls. She has extraordinary powers, but her inability to control them has gotten her kicked from so many foster homes she's lost count. Shadowford Home is her last chance, and she hopes Peachville High will be the fresh start she needs. But when evidence ties her to the gruesome murder of a Demons cheerleader, Harper discovers this small town has a big secret.

My Thoughts:

Beautiful Demons surprised me and what a great surprise it was. I downloaded this book for kindle for free so I guess I was not expecting much. I was very wrong. If I had not picked the week of July 4th to read this book, I probably would have finished it in one sitting. With the book only around 136 pages and having an intriguingly flowing story, it makes for a fast enjoyable read. The characters seemed real to me but this story is just a taste of the world the author created. What is good about this book is it appears to always be free for kindle so you can check it out to see if you like where the story is going before continuing any further or buying. I look forward to reading the next one so much that I am planning on buying it as soon as possible.

Young Adult with Dark Paranormal Elements

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