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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Shadow Demons by Sarra Cannon

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After narrowly escaping an attack, Harper is still on edge while trying to go back to her normal routine.  Every sound of a bird’s wings or new face in town, has her looking over her shoulder.  After escaping a few puzzling attempts of attack, she begins her magic training with protection spells.  The road of discovery leads her to the understanding of her mother’s past and who may have had a part in it.  It begins to become unclear who she can trust and who the bad guys are.  One way or another, she will have no choice but to finally pick a side.

Shadow Demons, the fourth book in the Peachville High Demon series, was my favorite book so far.  I could barely peel my eyes away from this book.  The story flowed very well and had constant suspense throughout.  The basic formula for most of the previous books was also changed opening up new directions for the story to go. I did not see the ending coming and now I am really intrigued to see what happens next.
There are a lot of things in this book that the audience has been waiting for.  Jackson finally opens up briefly talking about his world and his feelings for Harper.  As well as, a closer look at Harper’s mother, Claire.  I enjoyed reading about Claire and seeing how everything unraveled in the past between Claire and some of the town’s residents.  Harper is able to get some background on her mother that begins to help her see things as they really are.  She becomes conflicted about who to trust and which side to choose.  But in this book she faces the hard truth and is given no choice but to pick a side.
The ending of this book has opened up so many directions for the story to take.  I have heard there are only two books after this one and I find it hard to see how the author is going to conclude everything in just two more books.  This makes me a little nervous because I love this series and want to see in concluded in the right way.  I will definitely be continuing the series with the fifth book, Rival Demons.

Recommended for fans of Young Adult and Paranormal involving Magic and Demons

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